Why do I get "%" added after variable result (insert text action at the end)?

Why do I get "%" after EREFS result (insert text action at the end)?

EREFS Score.kmmacros (24.6 KB)

I ran your macro, though I had to add a Set variable local_EREFS_Score to 0 outside the loop to make it work. I also changed the insert by typing into a Display Text, and I think it got the result you expect, without the percentage:

I then switched back to the insert text by typing and tested in TextEdit, and it seemed to work:

Where are you seeing a percentage sign?


I use it within a citrix app:

Test it in TextEdit. If you don't get the percentage sign there, then it's something to do with the Citrix client, not something KM is doing. If that's the case, you'd have to have your macro get to the end of the typed text (End key may work), then press Delete.


Makes sense - thank you!