Why does this macro stops at 00:00?

Hello i have this issue, the macro always stops at 00:00

Because for any given day, Say Monday, only the times after 21:31 are included, up until midnight.

After Midnight, it's tomorrow and thus since it is before 21:31, it is not a time to trigger.

For why this makes sense, consider this case:

When does that trigger? It triggers at 21:31 on Monday, sure, but then what? It's can't trigger at 00:31 on Tuesday, Tuesday is excluded. Should it trigger at 00:31 on Wednesday? Maybe?

So cases where the time is late in the day, the trigger only goes until midnight (technically 23:59).

If you want to trigger both before and after midnight, you need to use two triggers.

BTW, you can get the Help on a trigger (as with many other places in Keyboard Maestro) by holding the Option key down and clicking the green (+) New trigger button.


Which would take you to the Periodic trigger which has a note in there:

Note that periods that cross midnight will stop at midnight. Use two triggers if you want to trigger continuously before and after midnight.


Thank you so much! :grimacing::grimacing: