Why doesn't KM itself have a keyboard shortcut for "Edit > Delete"?

I find this a bit surprising! The delete and backspace keys on my keyboard do something. Delete doesn't even show up in the right-click context menu.

I tried assigning "Edit > Delete" a keyboard shortcut in Mac OS, but for some reason, none of the keystrokes I've attempted are working/sticking.

Any tips here? Thanks!

I can't speak to why no shortcut is shown for Edit > Delete in Keyboard Maestro, but note that

  • when editing a Macro, if an Action is selected, pressing Delete will remove the Action, and
  • if a Macro or a Macro Group is selected, Command-Delete will remove the selection.

Either of the above actions can be undone with Edit > Undo or Command-Z.

Ah, ⌘-Delete! That's in large part what I was looking for. Thank you, @NaOH.