Why Isn't There a “Delete” Menu Item in an Actions's Gear Menu?

I can't find a Delete menu item in an Action's gear menu:


Is there any reason not to add 'Delete Action' in the menu?

How can I delete an Action?

That's the "gear icon" menu, which you can think of as the settings/options for the action. Just select the action and hit backspace to delete it.


A reasonable question...


Only that it would be easier to just delete the action with the Delete key that select it from the contextual menu.

The menu is long enough already that I am loath to add more items to it that have easier alternatives.


I understand.

From the perspective of a user who has been using Windows for a long time and is new to Mac, I thought I couldn't delete Action. so I used 'Disable Action' for unwanted action and then asked this question.

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You can also use the "-" buttons at the bottom of the Editor window -- the one at the bottom of the Groups column deletes selected Group(s), the one at the bottom of the Macros column deletes macros, and the one under the macro being edited will deleted selected action(s).

And there's the "Delete" item in the "Edit" menu, which will delete whatever's selected.