Why No Support for True Full Screen, Split View Window Management?

I scanned the list of KM 10 updates in the hope that it might help me finally be able to set up macros to organise apps into split-view full screen apps (note: not just snapping to the side of the screen but emulating what happens when you press the green button in the top left of the window).

I've been using a KM macro that does make an app full screen but then I can't make anything split-view.

Even Apple's shortcuts ignores full screen and split view in full screen and I can't work out why.

All of the window management apps; Moom, Display Maid etc. I've tried them all. Nothing makes this possible.

What I want to achieve is a focus mode which opens up all my apps in the Spaces I want and split views I want. I don't like having the window cruft and I like to be able to swipe between spaces and have the app take up the entire screen (again, without the desktop below it).

Does anyone have any suggestions or even explanations for why Apple may be making this so hard?


Yes! that's great but that doesn't help me with split view does it?

I'm also not a huge fan of doing it using pixels. It's super clever but it means that if anything changes I have to go back and work out what the hell I did. If things move by a few pixels etc.

I'm so surprised that I can't just tell the system to:

  • Make App 1 full screen.
  • Make App 2 full screen.
  • Pop App 2 to the right of App 1 in split view.
  • Do the same with a bunch more apps.
  • Arrange them in the order I want them.

@James_Veitch - Are you talking, to me, based on my workaround for the folks that asked?

If you are, I don't know if you are trolling, being condescending, venting or you are asking serious questions. I just can't tell by your tone. It seems a little weird to me. If you aren't talking to me, disregard and forgive my observation.

Anyway, If they are serious questions addressed to me, I'll try to answer without knowing your specifics and disregarding the preceived tone.

Have you tested it? I use split screens because I need a different level of control. Split view is fixed (I think). This is assuming we are talking about macOS Splitview. I'm on Big Sur.

As mentioned, I was offering a video, of my workaround suggestion, to assist users with the following (while the developer looks into the Get button and countdown situation):

  1. Using KM's Mouse Display to provide a 5 countdown while being able to bring an application in focus.
  2. Use the coordinates to plug into the Move and Click action so they can proceed with their work.


Doesn't seem like these questions are related to the topic at hand but I'll answer.

  1. I can make an app full screen - You can't? My ScreenFlow app loads in Full screen on it's own desktop (space).
  2. I can make another app full screen - You can't? See #1 FCPX, Motion and Keynote all open in Full Screen mode for me.
  3. I can make APP2 to the right of APP1. - When I launch Calendar, Reminders is on the right of it. Both aligned to cover the whole screen.
  4. I do the same split configuration with Mail and Messages.
  5. arrange them in order -- I don't quite know what you are asking here.

I get by with Keyboard Maestro and regular macOS screen manipulation. Other folks use Moom

Hopefully, this addresses some of your questions. If not, feel free to create a different topic, with specifics, on exactly what you want to do. Someone may chime in.


I'm so sorry. What happened was I turned on notifications and thought I did for the topic I made for this but I, apparently, did it for all topics so when the first email came through I thought it was a reply to my topic and you were the person who first showed me the actual workaround (coincidence).


(This is the one I thought I was replying to)

Why no support for true full screen, split view window management?

But side by side isn't the split view I mean.Thanks so much and sorry for the confusion.

ROTFLMAO!  :sunglasses:

Forgive me James – but this is Apple we're talking about.

Apple's commitment to automation and accessibility is so far less than optimal that it's nearly a joke...

AppleScript, Automator, and now ShortCuts aside – Apple frequently doesn't provide APIs for things normal users want to do all the time – and they make the tools they do have difficult to use and feature poor.

There's virtually nothing out there on the net about automating Split View on the Mac, and what is out there is basically about hacking the process.

So – the answer to your titular question is – Apple hasn't provided public Split View APIs for developers to work with.


:slight_smile: Tbh I think they are super committed to accessibility for anyone disabled, disadvantaged. But, I get what you're saying.

It just seems such an Appley thing to do though; to want you to make your windows full screen that I'm flummoxed as to why they don't make it very easy. Especially now they have shortcuts.
Thanks so much for the link :slight_smile:
I shall continue to hound Tim.

I think that should be so, but I don't buy it – because they constantly break accessibility in their own apps and then don't fix the problem.