Why the Need to Confirm After Triggering a Macro?

I created a Macro to insert text that I use as a signature block in emails.

My questions is that after I press the Trigger key combination, the text doesn't just get inserted. I get another small dark window that I also have to press before the text gets inserted. Is there a way to avoid this second action?


Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 11.21.13 PM

Sorry, I just realized that I forgot had already created a macro to do this but used a different name. Since both Macros had the same trigger key, KM was asking me which one I wanted to use. Very well behaved program. Once I deleted one of them, the text just gets inserted with nothing else needed.

You can also press E or S later on to run the shortcut

I see. Thanks. If I actually needed to choose between the two, I don't need to go click on one, I can just press the corresponding first letter that's shaded. I'll try to remember that for the future. This program is so rich, there's a lot to learn.

Remember – there's documentation.

What you're running into here is the Conflict Palette.

Just for the record, I spent a fair amount of time trying to find an answer in the user manual. Things aren’t always easy to find. Thanks for the reference, I’ll make a note of it in case I come across this kind of thing again.

Not being critical – just reminding – and pointing to the reference.

The Conflict Palette is not something you're likely to find without knowing what you're looking for – unless you read through all the documentation of course...  :sunglasses: