Will KM Enhance Usage Statistics like Alfred and LanuchBar Do, or Even More

As you can see, KM give me a number to me, Alfed and LaunchBar show me a graph in which my operations classified. Alfred's graph is what I wanna see in KM.

Future-more,if KM can count which macro group used most or even which macro、action used most,and show that statistics with a graph or text, it will be powerful to guide me to arrange my macro groups、my macros、choose which action to improve my macros.

What I want is more like WhatPulse which log keystrokes and show with graph、text(csv), and I can see what key combination I use most, how to improve that.
WhatPulse's statistics is a useful reference to use KM, with it you may redistribute your hot key trigger to macros.

More numbers please :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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It is on the todo list, though not currently planned for the next version.

You can select use View ➤ Sort Macros by ➤ Use Count to see which macros are most frequently used, and the Macro Inspector will show you stats about the selected macro.

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Wow,Macro Inspector is awesome!Many thanks for your reply.:kissing_heart:

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