Will KM run on a Managed Mac Server?

Can I install KM on a Managed Mac Server and use it like a virtual machine? I want to rent a virtual mac from this website. Can someone tell me if this would be possible or if there will be any issues? I want to run a complex automation that uses the OCR, scrolling, clicks, pause until pixel exists, etc to perform repetitive tasks on a mac app

I highly doubt it. They don’t give you admistrator and you can’t set app permissions / entitlements

It's worth pointing out that they will install some software packages that require admin privileges. You could ask them if KM is on their approved list of software. And you should ask them how they handle the license. It's possible that they may require a license from you before they will install it for you. But all this service may come at an additional charge.

And some parts of KM might not work without a display.