Windows Flicker When Sending URL to Trigger Keyboard Maestro Macros

I've noticed a very brief flicker in any app window when I click on a Keyboard Maestro URL trigger. I see it particularly in the window's top toolbars, clickable items in inspector panes and in the window's drop shadow.

It doesn't happen when I click a URL that goes directly to an app, such as an OmniFocus or Obsidian link-- only when Keyboard Maestro is the target, as in ""kmtrigger://macro=Move%20up""

Any idea what's causing this, or how to stop it? With clickable items flashing, could it have something to do with accessibility features?


Any luck getting that flicker to go away when using URL triggers?

I had to switch to URL triggers since my X-Keys 80 key keyboard isn't compatible after upgrading past Catalina. It works now, but there a 2 fast flickers. One for key press and another for release. I have it send both so it can handle long presses.

No. I think I just found a way to avoid using them.

Okay, thanks for the update. I got my issue down to only 1 flicker by doing the long press calculation in my modified X-Keys SDK, a Swift program. Unfortunately, in some web apps, losing focus for just a split second deselects a text field making some macros fail. It mostly works, so good enough for now.