Wish list: ability to split lines in the global macro palette:

I always have the global macro palette active and displayed (shown) on my screen. it allows me to quickly navigate between app, documents I currently work in, etc.
The only minor problem is that when the macro names are long (which is sometimes necessary), the global macro palette starts to become wide and too visible even in single column mode
It would be nice if I could split lines, ie display the macro names on 2 lines so that my global palette remains a small unobtrusive strip on the side of my screen.
Reducing font size is not the solution, because at one point it becomes unreadable.
thanks very much

I'm afraid I can't imagine this ever happening. Maybe one day I might have an option to truncate the names, but you can essentially do that yourself. I can't imagine having it wrapping on two lines in a palette.

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I understand. thank you Peter