Wish List: ability to use a modifier to edit instead of trigger a macro with the trigger macro by name action

There is a in the library to edit macros by name by the one and only @DanThomas . The macro works well but requires a few installation steps.
But most importantly, the edit by name macro in the library displays all macros which in my case is a big pain because I have so many duplicates created during testing that the edit by name in the library is of limited use. I would like to be able to search for active, enabled or all macros.

It would be nice if the Trigger Macro by Name action would include the ability to press a modifier key like ⌥ which would allow me to edit instead of trigger the search result (like can be done with palettes), and I hope that our beloved master @peternlewis will consider it.

I find ⌥ ⌘ F extremely slow and prefer to avoid it.

Thank you


Did you try it?

Holding the Option key down and double clicking or pressing Return edits the macro.


This confirms I am an idiot. Sorry and thank you