Wish list: shrunken palette expands when drag and drop file onto palette

I like shrunken palettes to manage screen real-estate and I like drag and drop macro actions (drag and drop file onto macro in a palette).
The shrunken palette does not expand when I drag and drop a file over it.
thank you @peternlewis

Unfortunately the system does not seem to send the normal event tracking at this point in time so I don't know how possible this is.

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You would have to have a shortcut that shrinks (small A) or expands (large B) the same palette. This should be possible indirectly.

Just an idea, I have not tested this... so...

What if you duplicate the palette? One is always visible (A) and a shortcut makes it disappear and shows the big one (B).

Maybe something like that would work.

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a very good idea. The drawback is that any changes in one of the palettes must be done in the duplicate palette.
I was hoping for a general solution, for example an AppleScript which would toggle the currently displayed palette configuration to shrink or unshrink (check uncheck shrink unshrink).

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