Workflow for downloading attachments and sorting them through mail

Hey guys I’m a noob on this, but so far am really enjoying this app.

I’m looking for a way to automate this routine I have to deal with my students’ homework:

  1. Download every attachment from a specific Mail Folder every week, and save them to a local OS X folder;

  2. Rename those files with sender’s name and date received;

  3. Fetch the names and files to an excel spreadsheet for grading.

That would be the holy grail for me. Thanks for any help!

Hey Lucas,

What version of Keyboard Maestro and OSX do you have?


Hi there, that would be 10.11.5 for OSX and 7.1.1 for Keyboard Maestro.

Hey Lucas,

Okay, that’s good.

What kind of account? POP, IMAP, Exchange?


Hey Cris, thanks for your support. I have a gmail imap account in place.