Working with Remote Desktops & KM Sync

Apologies if this is a bit broad but I’m looking for advice on how to best work with the same set of KM macros on a local and remote computer while using the sync function. I use TeamViewer for work and would like to just use my macros on the remote computer the same way I do on my local computer, same triggers and everything, but I can’t figure out the logic needed to make that work. If I don’t use sync then it’s pretty easy but I modify my macros a lot and it’s such a pain to keep exporting them for the remote station. Does anyone have a workflow that works for them?

I've never used syncing, so I can't really help, but have you read this page:

Most macros require global variables to work properly. Do you need variables synched also?

Thanks, yeah I do have my macros synced already as a way to physically hop between multiple stations and it works well to that end, but for the remote station it doesn't work well because if I hit the hotkey trigger it just triggers it locally instead. On the remote station I trigger macros with the menu bar which is much slower. I don't need variables to sync between stations, although I'd be interested to learn if that was possible.

I don't know anything about TeamViewer. Maybe the reason it's triggering locally is because TeamViewer isn't sending function keys through its app to the remote device. Maybe you should try different hotkeys and see which ones work and which ones don't. Which keys are you using as your triggers?

I have no experience with remote access software, so others might be better to give advice here. But I'm trying to help. If you tell me to go away, I'll go away.

On that page I cited, it said variables, preferences and clipboards are not synced. So it's not possible using KM's features. But I suspect that someone could write a macro to accomplish this.