XK-24 not working as expected

I got the xk-24 (yesterday) and I'd like to use it with Keyboard Maestro. I know this is probably an XKeys support question, but I thought I might ask here since folks are using it on a Mac specifically for KM (which is what I'm doing).

When I plug in the XK-24, Keyboard Maestro does not see the keys when pressed, it's only when I plug it in in 'programming' mode (holding the button on the back) does KM see the keys.


Are you using the USB Device Key trigger?

Unless they have done something to the firmware, the device should “just work” with the USB Device Key trigger.

I have on myself, and I don't recall ever even using the “programming mode”? Did you install any XK driver - a driver is unnecessary and could be the cause of the issue since it could take control of the device.


Post your macro so we can see what you are doing. I had no difficulty whatsoever with my XK-60.
Ha... I didn't even know a button was on the back.

@peternlewis Yep, I'm using "USB Device Key Trigger". When I hit key, it does nothing.

I have Karabiner Element's event viewer and it shows NOTHING. I've tried this on three different Macs (thinking maybe there was a conflicting USB driver of some kind), but it's the same on all Macs.

When I put it in 'programming' mode, and try USB Device Key Trigger, this is what I see:

So.. that's what I see. Is that the same as what you see?

OK, The tech support at x-keys was very helpful and he ultimately figured out my problem. My problem was that I had purchased the XK-24 KVM instead of USB. The difference is that the KVM is recognized by macOS as a keyboard, but none of the buttons are keyboard buttons, so they're never seen by the OS.

I am returning it and purchasing the 'correct' XK-24 (USB).

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Ouch! :grimacing:

I'm glad you got it sorted out. I haven't heard of that variant, I will endeavour to be clearer when mentioning the XK-24 in the future!