YouTube Transcript grabbing

I have a macro that pulls the youtube video with timestamp when hotkey is triggered. I'm wanting to pass this into some sub download service but only getting the past 10 seconds from that timestamp mark. Basically this would get me the last 10 seconds of transcript that I had heard. Anybody know of a service where I could get that? Bonus points if there is way to get this via some script, javascript, shell script or otherwise :slight_smile:

youtube-dl will download sub-titles, but you will just get the entire subtitles file, not a portion of it.

Do you know any method that would work where you pass the timestamp from the URL into the file that youtube-dl generates so it can find the exact last 10 seconds in the subtitles to bring into the macro?

No. It might be possible if you look at the time-stamp format for YouTube subtitles, but I've never tried it myself.

@david737 do you mind sharing the macro here? I am building a macro to grab youtube timestamps too and can't figure out how to do it. Thanks!