Zabobon's Dynamic Workspaces v3.11

Added in now for latest version 2.96

I'm going to have a look at this and see if I can work out why it works for me and not for you. I might have to ask you to run some test Macros to see if we can pinpoint what is going on.

Could you try this debugging Macro?

TEST Workspaces Safari Window Restore v001.kmmacros (33.4 KB)

It just opens this Keyboard Maestro Forum in Safari and resizes the Window to a dimension. It uses the same procedure as my Restore Macro. But it does it in steps, with a confirmation as each step completes successfully. If you run it and click "Continue" for each step it will either complete successfully or it will fail at a certain point - which might pinpoint what is not working on your system the same as mine. There are some pauses in the Restore (waiting for Safari to be fully open etc) and maybe one of these pauses is causing the macro to hang on your system. Running this test Macro on my Mac restores the Safari Window successfully.

I am beginning to suspect this might be a regional issue as this part of the Macro pauses until certain menu items are available and these Menu Items might be called something slightly different on your system. If that is the issue it will be easy to fix I think.


Version 3.08 adds a "Help" button with detailed instructions.

Trying to strike a balance between keeping the interface as simple as possible whilst still providing instructions on how to actually use these Macros.

Apart from bug fixes I think I'm done now.

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This was a regional language issue, that meant the Macro didn't work correctly on Macs set to a System Language other than English. It was because I had used a Menu Item to pause the Macro until Apps were fully open. I'd used "About Safari" "About Google Chrome" etc as the menu item for Keyboard Maestro to look for. But for Macs set to a different language "About" is written as something else. Anyway, fixed in the latest version 3.09 and should run correctly even if the Mac is not set to English.

I can confirm this update finally works for me. Great work!

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I'm new to KM, and running into a problem getting this dynamic workspace macro to work properly. KM 9.2, Big Sur. I've imported the ZDW macro, and I see it in the list of macros. And if I manually click on 'run', the macro will run. However, what is NOT working is launching it via hotkey. Nothing happens. I even assigned a new hotkey (i.e. command 1), and nothing.

I have successfully created another macro in KM and its hotkey works just fine. So I'm a bit baffled here as to why the default (and custom) hotkeys for ZDW don't run the macros.

Could be a stupid new user issue and probably is....but I can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Wolf359SD

When you import a downloaded Macro or Group the Group will come in disabled (for safety reasons). You have to enable the Macro Group for any of its Macros to be triggered by hot keys.

Here are instructions:

UPDATE: Latest version 3.11 uploaded to replace the link at the head of this thread.

I have been trying to find an elegant solution to get around that changing an item on a Dropdown List doesn't automatically refresh the User Prompt text. What I would like to happen ideally, is that if a different Workspace is selected using the Dropdown List, the User Prompt text would refresh to show its contents before the user clicks "OK".

But Keyboard Maestro User Prompts don't work this way and at least one button has to be clicked before the Prompt updates its text.

This 3.11 update attempts to fix this by including instructions as part of the Dropdown list.

In the example below, clicking "OK" or hitting Return will restore the listed Workspace (as you would expect):


But if a different Workspace is first selected, using the Dropdown List:


The User is informed that clicking "OK" or hitting Return will first Preview its contents:


Once the Preview is displayed, the message goes away and a click of "OK" will restore the selected Workspace.


If the Dropdown list is used to select another Workspace, again the User is informed that clicking "OK" will first Preview its contents.


As in previous versions, clicking on the "Help" button gives detailed instructions for new users.