01)Paste from Clipboard 1 Macro (v11.0.3)

I have a couple questions and they are probably for @peternlewis What is the logic to have a paste from a saved clipboard go to the system clipboard so it is required to remove the last system clipboard? I would think the logic would be if you pulled from a specific clipboard it would not also become part of the system clipboard. Perhaps that is an old behavor that if you changed now it would break a lot of people's macros.

The other is why is 0 the number for removing the last clipboard? That seems very programer like rather than having 1 be the last one and then 2 being the second to last one.

01)Paste from Clipboard 1 Macro (v11.0.3)

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The only place you can paste from is the system clipboard.

It is impossible to paste from anywhere else.

That would be nice. Not possible, sadly, but definitely nice.

Because Past Clipboard: 1 is the immediately previous past clipboard. Past Clipboard: 2 is the one before it. Therefore logically, the current system clipboard is in position 0.

It's not really a programer thing in this case, it is that the current system clipboard is not a past clipboard - it will become the first past clipboard the next time something is copied.

You'll note that Keyboard Maestro generally uses index 1 for the first entry in arrays, as is the case here where 1 is the first entry in the array of past clipboards. The System Clipboard is the one before that, so that makes it 0.

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@peternlewis Thank you very much for all those helpful and kind answers, very much appreceated. I didn't realize you have to pull from the system clipboard to paste so all the saved clipboard first gets put into the system clipboard.

This forum is probably the best forum I have visited for answers and vast answers to questions and content. Thank you very much for keeping up with so many questions over the years. The answers have saved me a lot of confusion and roadblocks. I come back to the same answers again and again for reminders.