12 side buttons mouse

Hi, I need some help, I can't solve this.

I have a mouse with 12 side buttons. Every button writes a letter, I can't change it,

and every time an action is executed type the letter too.

Is there some way to executed an action without type the letter?

Thanks in advance.

I can think of three ways that might work. I think I have a mouse with the same arrangement of buttons but I didn't like it because my thumb wasn't good at selecting those buttons. So I put the mouse in a box in my closet and haven't used it in 5 years.

First, you may already have installed mouse software on your Mac that is generating the conversion of the mouse buttons to ASCII characters. There's probably a way to disable that software, or you could just remove it.

Second, every mouse with that many buttons comes with software (sometimes you have to download the software from the manufacturer's website, but it's free) that lets you redefine what each button does. It's possible that a previous user of that mouse redefined each button to generate a letter. That mouse has a memory so that each button will retain its action even if the mouse is unplugged from your computer. I have a mouse that I modified one of its buttons to simulate a sequence of keys (eg, "ABC", Up Arrow, Down Arrow, wait one second, repeat everything 10 times.) Getting rid of those definitions will either require getting that software, or possibly you may find your mouse has a reset button that will set it back to factory defaults.

Third, and this will have a better chance of working if you have followed steps 1 or 2 above, just create a KM macro with the following trigger, click in the box called "Click", and then press the mouse button you want to redefine. If you see the name of the button appear in the box, then this should solve your problem. There's no harm in trying this step before steps 1 and 2. If it doesn't work, go back to steps 1 and 2.

I would say there's a 75% chance that one of my suggestions above will solve your problem. But there's a 25% chance someone will have a better answer.

I think @Airy's right, and you'll need to turn off whatever software is doing the "type character when button is pressed".

That's because, unlike hotkey triggers, USB device key triggers aren't swallowed by KM -- they act as a trigger and are then passed on to do whatever they should.

What will actually happen in your case will depend on the relative positions of your mouse driver and KM in the event-handling chain -- the mouse driver may get the button press and KM never sees it, the driver may act on the button press and then KM does too, or KM acts on the press and then the mouse driver does. It's a good bet that, in all cases, the character will be typed -- which is why you need to turn that functionality off.