1Password 7 - autofill login - Macro update 08_2019

Due to an update of 1Password 7, the locked 1Password Mini can be updated with this script line:

set keywordStr to "@iMac"
open location "onepassword7://extension/search/" & keywordStr

but it no longer opens after the master password has been entered.
The problem is known with Agilebites, but even with the current beta (7.3.3) the problem persists.

I've made some changes now, so that it works reliably again even with a locked 1Password mini.
Here in the video I briefly explain the changes that are necessary:


Here is the macro from the video:

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Nicely done!

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Thank you @tjluoma :+1:
I'd rather it went through the script. I'm about to change about 50 macros.

FYI, I'm still using your original macro that includes:

open location "onepassword://extension/search/" & theSite

with the latest version 1Password 7 and it seems to be working well.


Please excuse the misunderstanding @jrickmd. The 1Password Mini window can be opened in locked state, but if you have entered the master password, it does not open, but disappears.

Here is an example with the script and then with the shortcut:


I have completed the script in my post. Thank you again.