1st noob ques for 1st macro - how to type D + 9 at the same time?

Hello all,
I am trying to build a first macro. One of the steps calls for typing “d” and “9” simultaneously. I cannot figure out the best way to accomplish this.

Type the Keystroke will not allow me to type two unconventional keys at the same time.

And so far, recording just those two keystrokes seems harder than it needs to be. (I seem to be making recording, in general, harder).

Thanks in advance!!


There is no way with Keyboard Maestro to type two keystrokes simultaneously (except modifiers and a keystroke obviously).

Just wanted to say thank you for the reply.


I’m a few months behind (just saw this post) but what are you trying to trigger with that key combination? What does pressing D and 9 together actually do? Maybe we can figure out another way?

Hi Tim,

So, what it triggers is filing an email message into a predetermined folder. However, I have since learned that I was a bonehead and the the two keys did NOT need to be pressed simultaneously. It just felt that way when i was typing.

The script is designed to forward all the emails in a folder onto a Trello board, thus creating unique cards from each email. The emails all have an attachment and the subject line has to be rewritten with Trello meta-data (users, labels, etc).

I am close to making it work, but still not 100%.

I also need to figure a way to repeat the script until that folder is empty. And then stop. I don’t know how to do that, yet.


Hey Dan,

POST the macro, so we can see what you're doing.

Use the {Share} button in the KM Editor toolbar.

Select {Both}.

A new KM-forum window will appear with the correct code.

Copy it, and dismiss the window.

Come back to this thread and paste it into the editor.


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