2 Macros in 1

This is very interesting. I can rename my macro and totally different sets of actions can be triggered.

If the macro has different triggers, you can use the TriggerBase token to differentiate between them and behave differently as well.


Also, for status menus and palette clicks, you can use the TriggerValue token to do different things based on the modifiers held down, eg:



Thanks Peter Extremely useful.
How do you put the Shift and Opt in Trigger Value by the way.

Keyboard Maestro puts it in based on the modifiers you are typing. If you mean, how do you type it in the action as shown, just copy and paste the characters or use a macro to expand them.


Note that that is the canonical order for them to appear - control, option, shift, command.

Text Expansions Macros.kmmacros (6.6 KB)

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