24 Hour Time Format in Prompt for User Input Action

Howdy folks, quick (and hopefully simple question): how do I force 24 hour time format in the prompt for user input action?

For instance, as seen in the screenshots below, my action produces a prompt with the current time + 4 hours... and on my iMac (and MacBook Air) it is in 24 hour time format... but on my MacBook Pro it is in 12 hour format. No doubt there’s a setting (perhaps adjusted through the CLI) that I changed sometime back and forgot about. I’ve searched the forum and the Wiki but didn’t find anything.

Action Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

Prompt Screenshot (iMac) (click to expand/collapse)

Action Screenshot (MacBook) (click to expand/collapse)

Tagging @peternlewis since he often shares how to modify settings via the command line.

Thanks in advance for any help!


I don’t think the User Prompt provides any validation but the HTML Prompt certainly does (although it isn't intuitive). That's mention on the Help page for that action.

I'd also suggest separate fields for Date and Time. That simplifies validation as well as data entry.

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That is up to your System Settings date & time format.

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:man_facepalming:t2: of course it is... I switched from Intel to Apple Silicon with this MacBook so I didn’t use Migration Assistant to set it up, which means I have been reinstalling/reconfiguring all of my apps and settings manually. Since I don’t use the OS clock in the menu bar (I use iStats) I didn’t even realize I had not changed that setting yet. Thanks Peter!

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I try to avoid HTML prompts when I can since they’re a lot more work to setup, at least they are for me. I do use them on a variety of macros where I want a lot of features, but for this particular one they would be overkill.