50% of the time KM doesn't trigger these actions

These 4 macros seem to always need a 2nd try in order to work.
50% of the time I use the shortcuts or the typed string and nothing happens until I do it a second time. I have other macros that use typed strings and the same thing happens.

Any idea what's happening? This issue only happens with these macros that are used to control KM itself. I don't have this type of issue with any other macro inside any other app or anything else. As weird as this sounds, it seems that KM has an issue with it being controlled by itself...?

For example, look at how I'm trying to change the color of this action and most of the time it doesn't work.
The strings:
\grn (for green)
\grp (for magenta)
\red (well... you get it...)

Kapture 2023-06-26 at 16.12.45

Typed String triggers are canceled/reset by a number of things, like clicks or application changes, or, as applicable in this case, reloading the macros.