A confused Macro


I have a list of macros that we execute on an adhoc basis in a smart group. I then have another macro where I select from a drop down of all the macros in the smart group. I think click execute KM has to go through each of the 109 macros that I have and see which one I have selected for it trigger that macro. Is there a faster way of doing this? please see images attached. We need to have the list of macros which ones to execute.

Well, you could use this new macro I recently posted:

MACRO: Execute Macro by Name (Spotlight)

It handles thousands of items with no problems.

Once you install my macro, it would only take a couple of minutes to set up a copy of the macro to do what you want.

Let me know if you want to give this a try, and if you do, I’ll tell you what to do.

Hi DanThomas,

Thank you for your response, iit has to be from a drop down. Universal Search would not really help us for our purpose of use.


When the prompt opens up, and you haven't typed in anything, the entire list is shown. Just like a drop-down.

You can use arrow keys, the mouse, whatever to scroll through the list. Or you can filter it by typing.

Hi Dan, call me stupid but I cant seem to get it to work… I am really confused. I have installed it but nothing pops up.

I won’t call you stupid. If you didn’t ask questions, well, then I might… :slight_smile:

I assume you mean the Spotlight Search Prompt, right?

Have you tried running any of the examples?