A couple feature requests

Hey Peter! I have been working with KM the last few weeks and have jotted down a couple possible feature ideas, if you think they might be useful.

– Grouping actions within macros: I often have complicated, nested macros that consist of hundreds of actions. I do whatever I can to try and make it so if I come back weeks later to make an adjustment, I can navigate the different sections of the macro to find the tweak I need to make. Using the “comments” action helps. What I usually do to group actions is to use the Repeat action, then throw 10 or 15 actions inside there. I make the Repeat times “1”, since I’m only using it to group my actions, and make them collapsible etc. Of course, this sometimes gets confusing since sometimes I use the Repeat action for its intended purpose, of repeating a set of actions more than 1 time.

Would it be worth considering adding a “Group” action to replace my silly method of using the Repeat action to group actions? Being able to name that group also would be helpful, to save having to use a “Comment” action for documenting what’s inside that action group.

– Autocomplete for variables: When using actions to set variables, it is sometimes cumbersome to go into the drop down, select the Variables folder, then try to scroll through the list to find the variable I want to use. My preferred method is to type the name of variable in the action, but of course, if I am not 100% sure of the exact name of the variable, it will create a new one that I then have to go in and delete. Maybe you could make it so as I start typing the name of the variable, a list of variables that match what you’re typing shows up underneath the input box. This would speed things up considerably. Perhaps the same autocomplete could work for when typing in the %Variable… tokens?

Thanks for all your great work. One final request – change the version number to 7 just so we can give you more money!! :smiley:


ps. apparently KM has saved me 6 months? I guess that means I’m making good use of this lil’ app!

A group action is on the todo list.

Autocomplete is on the todo list.

Both are on the schedule for 7.0, though a) 7.0 is a long way off, and b) being on the schedule is no guarantee a feature will make it.