A few issues setting up Logitech Anywhere MX Mouse's buttons as triggers

I'm trying to set up my Logitech Anywhere MX Mouse's buttons as triggers in KM. Part of the reason I like the Anywhere MX mice series from Logitech is that they pack in a lot of buttons into a small and comfortable mouse. Specifically, the mouse has seven buttons, excluding scrolling up and down...

• Left-click
• Right-click
• Middle button
• Scroll left
• Scroll right
• Back button
• Forward button

When I initially attempted to set up the mouse buttons as triggers, hardly any of them were working. But I read here in the forums that uninstalling Logitech Control Center can resolve this. I went ahead and did that, and now buttons are working for the most part, but I'm running into a few other issues that I'd be grateful to get some help with...

  1. The scroll left button is the only button that still isn't recognized at all. Do folks have any suggestions on how to remedy this?

  2. The scroll right button shows up in KM as "USB Receiver AC Pan". I'm not sure what this means - and would be curious if folks have any insights - but despite the odd name, the button is at least recognized and seems to work fine.

  3. Is it possible to use the left-click and right-click buttons as triggers when they're used with modifiers? (For example, using ⌘+R-click to trigger a macro.) It seems like this works, but the issue I'm encountering is that my computer still registers the left-click and right-click, even when they're combined with modifier keys, which is annoying. So, for example, ⌘+R-click will trigger the macro as intended, but it will also open the context menu in the app I'm using. It would be great if the mouse's right-click could effectively be "turned off" when used with modifier keys that have been programmed as triggers in KM.

  4. The back button and forward button seem to work just fine as triggers for KM. The only issue I'm encountering is that they are still additionally being read as "navigate back" and "navigate forward" in Chrome, which is super annoying. I can't figure out how to turn this off in Chrome, and this means every time I attempt to trigger a macro with these two buttons while I'm using Chrome, I'm inadvertently navigated away from the webpage I'm on.

Thanks in advance for any help here. In theory, a mouse with 5-7 buttons could, when combined with modifier keys, provide you with 25-35 triggers, which is super useful. (And many, many more triggers if you were to use them with a combination of modifier keys.) So I'm hoping to figure out how to get the setup here right.

try googling this forum for karibiner, that might help you as it handles the interface at a lower level. (free).

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