A KM palette as a "live" menu?

Scrivener has a very useful drop-down menu, but it is very tedious to use (below). Each of these menu items can be checked or unchecked. To make changes, the menu has to be opened each time and only one change can be made at a time, then the menu closes again.

Is it possible to create a KM palette (always visible) that shows what is checked (without opening the menu) and where I can make changes by clicking which are then of course applied in the menu? Probably not, but maybe ... :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!



Look into the mark/unmark/toggle actions.

You can use if/then menu marked conditions to get you there.

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Yes, you mean this. This would have to be done individually for each menu item and only works unreliably. The question remains as to how the menu should be accessed. With the image search?... I think I'll give up.

This could be all wrong, but I think there is a way to change a macros icon with an action? Using a variable with the mark/unmark actions in a floating palette, the macro icon could be changed from red to blue for instance indicating the state of the menu item.

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Hey, you asked. I was just trying to help with your question. The work you have to do is relative. :rofl:

This is what it looks like and it works reliably:


So in answer to your question - yes, it is possible.

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@kcwhat Oh, I hope you haven't misunderstood. Thank you very much for your answer and especially for the demo. :smiley: Unfortunately, mine is not a normal menu, so the KM action doesn't work. :man_shrugging:

@Steve_E Unfortunately, I don't know how to do this. What is the difference between red/blue or mark/unmark?

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Given Scrivener's limited Accessibility, and complete lack of AppleScript, support -- plus this seeming to be a "menu" that's only available when it is active -- you may need a different approach.

Since you can only select one option from each of the first two sections, and that what you've selected there is displayed in the search bar when it is empty, could you manage with meaningfully-named "Saved Search Collections" instead? You could then treat those as pre-sets and even select them via macro -- half a dozen might cover your most common requirements, leaving you with just a couple of clicks to customise when needed.

Not a Scrivener user, so expecting to be wrong!

Welcome back, Nige :slight_smile: Many have missed you ... at least I did.

As always, you know almost everything. Even about Scrivener. This app is great and a pain at the same time. Yes, I'm doing it with Collections now. Once saved, you can change the options afterwards. It only works like this. But that's a hidden feature that as far as I know isn't even documented in the manual. How the hell do you know that? :thinking: The advantage of an always visible KM palette would have been that I can always see what is activated. And activating/deactivating different options would of course be much easier.