A script to run a macro always

hi, I made a macro that closes an annoying popup window, it works, but I don't want to hotkey it, I want it to automatically do it when the popup window comes up, which is alot, so I guess applescript in km would be needed, I don't know any, any help appreciated.

Does the window take the focus? If so, you could have a trigger of "focused window title changes" and have wrap your close window action in an if...then action: if "front window title is" then "close window" actions.

If the window doesn't take the focus, you could have a periodic trigger that runs very frequently. Perhaps putting that in a group that's active only when the relevant application is at the front - I assume that would override the periodic trigger but I haven't tested that.

Hi Kevin, I believe it takes focus, I will your suggestion try and let your know.

It worked thanks much, so just hit run and the km maestro engine will have it working right?

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If you've set up the trigger, then it will run automatically. You only need to hit run if you want to trigger the macro manually.

oh I see, that's cool, I'll see how it runs after a restart, anyway hitting run is no big deal.