A shortcut for "split at playhead" in Ableton?

Hello to all,

Can someone shoe me how to program a shortcut for "split at playhead" in ableton?

Having to press ctrl AND E (2 keys) really messes with my creative flow!

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Holding down a modifier key when pressing another key is, of course, something that is commonplace when using keyboard shortcuts so I wonder if there is more behind your question than it appears.

You could, if you wanted, use any spare key (perhaps an unused function key?) to trigger a macro that simply contains a Type a keystroke action set to type ctrl + E.

Beyond that... I do not use Ableton but I found this discussion which may be relevant: r/Ableton: Split at playhead.

I totally understand some keys are already used for other shortcuts. I figured that may be an issue. And I recall in a post that you program your split to f4 if I'm not mistaken?

Would it possible to program them onto the "control" buttons on this midi device? I wonder if this could solve the problem?

Split marker duplicate on those buttons

Let me know your thoughts !!

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In Keyboard Maestro you can create a Macro Group containing macros that will only be active when, say, Ableton is the active application. This means that you can set a hotkey for a macro that is for Ableton, but the key combination will still be available for different uses when other applications are active.

I believe we do have users of Ableton here so perhaps they can reply to you on that point.

Certainly KM macros can respond to a MIDI trigger. But I suspect that your issue would be solved easily by using a macro group just for Ableton. If I have misunderstood what you consider the problem to be, please spell out in detail what the issue is and I or someone else will, I am sure, be able (oh – no pun intended!) to help.

Hey Kevin!!

I am very novice at keyboard maestro

I believe I am not doing something right.

This is what I envision for my shortcut setup (on this specific midi controller)

If you zoom in you can see these buttons.

Control 1 = Split

Control 2 = Duplicate

Control 3 = Marker

There are also a set of arrow keys near the bottom of this MIDI device that I would like to use in place of the arrow keys on my computer keyboard. This would be for moving notes/nudging etc..

I also was wondering if it would be possible to have a scroll to zoom at mouse cursor?

Thanks again for your help. If necessary we can screenshare.


MacOS does have a feature in Accessibility / Zoom in System Settings which lets you enable a key to scroll to zoom in/out at the mouse cursor. I use it all the time, like every 10 minutes.

You don't even need Keyboard Maestro to do this, as macOS directly allows you to do this. The only catch is that you have to use one of the modifiers in combination with the mouse wheel, but maybe that's exactly what you had in mind.

I mentioned the Wiki/manual's documentation about MIDI, but it might look a bit intimidating at first, so you might want to jump straight in by creating a macro, set a MIDI trigger, and experiment. You'll see that the MIDI trigger has a "MIDI learn" option that is turned on by default, so this should make the job easier!

Always try to break a task down into the steps that need to be thought about. In this case, you press a button, and that causes a MIDI message to be sent. RIght, so KM can then use that as a MIDI trigger for a macro. And the macro will have actions that perform basic steps that you want to be carried out.

So, for example, you could press a button on your MIDI device that you want to act like the left-arrow key. A macro could use the MIDI message from that button to trigger a macro that contains the Type a keystroke action to type the left arrow key.

KM is a powerful and "deep" application so there is no alternative to studying the documentation and writing your own macros. Your fellow KM users here won't generally be able to write a macro for you for your particular hardware and certainly will not have the time to mentor you. So you will get nowhere without at least basic understanding of KM and some experience of writing your own macros. You will still find a lot of help here as you learn. I hope that helps as a general tip. :+1:

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Awesome, thanks for the info!

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