A Simple Approach to the Clipboard Suite

For a long time I avoided the Peter’s powerful clipboard suite because I couldn’t decide on a set of keystrokes and because I didn’t fully grasp the functions. But Keyboard Maestro’s clipboard suite is too powerful and useful to ignore so I’d like to share a simple way to start using it.

One thing that made the penny drop for me was noticing that the only difference between, say, Activate Clipboard Copy Switcher and Activate Clipboard Paste Switcher is that different buttons are pre-selected and so activate-able via the enter key (or fn-return on a MacBook keyboard). Nice.

So, here’s a simple scheme which harnesses most of the power of the Clipboard suite but doesn’t require choosing and memorizing a dozen keystrokes nor dealing with the advanced Clipboard-database-editing concepts.

Create Macros with these names:

Copy Switcher
History Switcher
Paste Switcher
Show Clipboard
X Cut Switcher

Notice that they all begin with a different letter. That’s important

You should be able to figure out which Actions each Macro invokes. For example ‘Copy Switcher’ invokes ‘Activate Clipboard Copy Switcher’.

Assign all of them a hot key of Cmd-option-shift-C, or similar. Then, pressing Cmd-option-shift-C will present you with the above list of Clipboard functions. You can choose one by clicking it or pressing it’s first letter. In the case of Cut, Copy and Paste you then just have to hit enter (or fn-return) to perform the operation.

This matches or exceeds the power of dedicated Clipboard Apps, but works better and costs nothing.


Thanks for putting this down – it’s given me some good ideas, and has clarified how the way KM deals with shortcut “conflicts”, can be used to one’s advantage.