A "specified string" in Keyboard Maestro is defined as?

I'm working with window titles, and using the "title contains" option within an if/then action.

How does KM define a "specified string"? Can specified strings have a space within? For example, if I tell KM to query whether or not a window title contains "Insert 1" (ignore the quotations, they are there just indicate the beginning and end of the string), will it search for the full string Insert 1, or will the space between Insert and 1 cause issues? IOW, would it also return any window which has Insert and 1 in the title, even if 1 doesn't come immediately after Insert (and separated by a space)?


This is a specified string

Basically, it looks at the entire line of text you input, and looks for that entire line of text. It doesn’t look for “pieces” of it (such as “Insert” and “1”) separately.

Ok. Good to know. I wasn't sure about that, but it's good to get it verified. I was worried that "contains" just meant that any window which had "insert" and "1" in the title would trigger, but I'm glad to hear that the entire string must be identified IN THAT ORDER, and that spaces are considered part of the string.

So, for example, "insert 1" would trigger, but "1 insert" would not trigger. Also, "track 1, insert 2" would not trigger, even though "insert" and "1" are both in the title. This works how I was hoping it would.