A Tale of Two URLs – One Opens and One Does Nothing. But Why?

I am using an action (to automate MS Teams). This involves using the OpenURL action, both of which open with Chrome.
URL 1:


URL 2:


I can open both URLs directly in Chrome, and they work as expected.
However, I can only get URL1 to work via the OpenURL action.

Any ideas on how to debug this?

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Ok. I solved it myself (I have a habit of doing that)
For reference there seems to be a limit for the URL length.
I used a URL shortening service and that seemed to fix it.

Hey Chris,

I'm not so sure this is due to length, but the URL is definitely invalid for some reason.



There is no (practical) limit on length.

Turn off Processing Text Tokens in the gear menu of the Open a URL action.

The issue is the percent characters and their processing in the field.