Ability to work with Synergy

Peter, would you be able/willing to see if there is a way to get KM to work with Synergy please?

Synergy is a server/client app that allows you to use a single keyboard and mouse (connected to my Mac as the server) but sends the inputs to other computers (the client).

When you move the mouse off the main screen to a client screen, Synergy redirects the inputs to the other computer. Obviously the inputs are still going thru the Mac first since that is where they are connected but I guess Synergy is able to grab/redirect the input before KM is able to see the input.

However, it should be possible because I also use BetterTouchTool to handle taps on my Magic Trackpad to adjust the computer volume and it is able to see the taps on the trackpad then sends the volume adjustment actions to the client computer.

Anything you can do to have KM play nice with Synergy would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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I second this request (or any suggestions for workarounds).

Long live capybaras! :herb: