About prompt user input

Hi, about prompt user input button, I read in the wiki explain like this:

that means I can add an extra button to get the other response.
should I do like this:
I want add an extra button called use origin file name, then use if the button "use origin file name"is enabled to respond the button.
But I find its not work.


Try this to see if this works for you. I changed it slightly but the main modification, as you can see, is to change your button condition to a Result Button condition. I think you can use the %PromptButton% token shown on this page, as well, but mine always changes it to Result Button. Anyway, Let us know if this works for you.

Edited: I was able to locate how to use the %PromptButton% token:

So either solution should work for you.



So what, if any, is the advantage of PromptButton v Result button?

Good question that I may not be qualified to officially answer but I'm thinking @peternlewis created the PromptButton token in an effort to make the usage more clear. After, trying it out, it's clear to me. The token still creates the Result Button variable within KM preferences. Until today, I only used the Result Button variable because I learned it, from a YouTube video, 3-4 years ago. I wanted to link the page so that @Jack had a reference. I saw the PromptButton token and saw the special Result Button usage was deprecated. Now that the PromptButton token is mentally in play, I'll press forward with that direction.

The Result Button is old and deprecated.

The PromptButton token is new and as the documentation states:

This deprecates the Result Button special variable.