About the Macro Library category

This category is for posting example or generally useful macros.

This category is NOT for posting questions about how to make a macro (use the Questions & Suggestions category for that).

Use this category for posting macros - include the macro, and possibly an image or text copy of the macro as well. The Share button in the Keyboard Maestro editor window is the best way to share macros directly to the forum, either for the Macro Library category or when posting questions about a macro.

When posting a macro, please consider including:

  • A description of the macro, including what it does and how it is triggered.
  • Any attribution or distribution requirements.
  • A picture of the macro.
  • A kmmacros export file.

You can drag or paste an image into a post, or you can select the image using the Upload (Control-G) tool button.

Keyboard Maestro lets you easily copy a macro or a set of actions as an image (using the Copy ➤ Copy as Image menu), and this macro can be used from the file select dialog box to save the image to a file and then select it.


The Difference Between the Keyboard Maestro Forum “Macro Library” Category and the Example Macro Library of the Keyboard Maestro Editor.

For the longest time (I've been using KBM about 17 months) I was confused between this Forum category and the Macro Library window (⌘2) in the Editor. I had the erroneous idea that they were the same, that the menu item in the editor would simply open up this Forum category, the way the Help menu has links to the Forum, the Wiki, etc. — I probably made that presumption in my first week of using KBM and never thought about it again.

I recently discovered that there's a LOT of interesting stuff tucked away in that library both as tools and as examples. I'm not the only one to ignore this resource, there are macros in there that are answers to common questions on the Forum and the questions are often answered without any reference to the built-in Macro Library of examples.

If I refer to the Macro Library in the Forum when I mean the built-in examples, people are likely to think I mean this Forum category. Searching the Forum, people don't seem to refer to it very often at all, or maybe I'm just not finding the reference for all the discussion of the Forum category.

Will people understand if I call it "the built-in Macro Library" or is there a better phrase already in use?