About the Macro Library category

This category is for posting example or generally useful macros.

This category is NOT for posting questions about how to make a macro (use the Questions & Suggestions category for that).

Use this category for posting macros - include the macro, and possibly an image or text copy of the macro as well. The Share button in the Keyboard Maestro editor window can share macros directly to the forum.

When posting a macro, please consider including:

  • A description of the macro, including what it does and how it is triggered.
  • Any attribution or distribution requirements.
  • A picture of the macro.
  • A kmmacros export file.

You cannot yet drag or paste an image into a post, so you must select the image using the Upload (Control-G) tool button.

Keyboard Maestro lets you easily copy a macro or a set of actions as an image (using the Copy ➤ Copy as Image menu), and this macro can be used from the file select dialog box to save the image to a file and then select it.

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