Absolute Position does not seem to work in version 8.0.3

I just upgraded to version 8.0.3 from 7.3 and since doing so the positioning doesn’t work.
In an existing macro the cursor does not move to that position.
I pretty much only use absolute positioning so I can’t speak for anything else, but it will get the position, but when I click on go the cursor does not move there and whenI run the macro it doesn’t move either.

I uninstalled 8.0.3 and re-installed 7.3 and it works fine now.

You’ll have to be more explicit as to what action you are talking about. I just verifyed the move mouse action has no problem for me with absolute coords.

I hope you reverted as described in the instructions otherwise simply running version 7 after running version 8 will potentially lose some of your actions.