Access services menu item

New user trying to automate an action in where i have to choose a services menu item. Have all the keystrokes down, but as far as I can tell the services menu depends on mouse clicks and that seems pretty unreliable way to go.

So any keyboard shortcut to open services menu then choose item?



Keyboard shortcuts. Have you tried setting up a keyboard shortcut for the application in the Keyboard panel in system preferences under “Shortcuts”?

Tried that, and there is some quirk is the program that the service belongs to where it has different behavoir if you right click it versus access by keyboard shortcut. Now I am trying to make app full screen so mouse is always in same place. Seems to work OK on the service access part, but I have a cmd-w at end that somehow stopped working. Not the end of the world but would be nice to close the window.


You can use the Select Menu Item action with a sequence like APPLICATION ➤ Services ➤ Look up in Dictionary

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Great, I’ll try that.


Some years after ... :wink:
I have (maybe) a more generic solution:

I created a variable Appli with the name of the front application
And then I used the Show Menu action...