Access to KM details on iOS?

Hi Everyone,

I decided to transition to KM as my text expander tool for MacOS. I love the control I have over my snippets on mac, but I'm looking for a way to access the text expansion snippets on iOS. I know I can't use macros on an iPad, but I'd be happy just having access to the text so I can copy and paste the text contents of these macros. Any ideas on how I might be able to accomplish this? I'm open to any workaround?

Is there a way to export and sync with Devonthink? Drafts? Export each macro to some sort of text file?

You can use the iOS text expansion option to expand to any text you like. when you set it up on the Mac it even accepts multiple lines of text.

the only thing it will not do is fill-ins and / or cursor placement etc.

I only use KM for complicated expansions, all others on all platforms are through the OS expansion option.

Real shame Apple dos not allow the type of clipboard access on iOS like it does on macOS