Access to menu items in Adobe Acrobat

Forgive me if the topic had already been discussed, I did some research but found nothing about it.

I wish I could make a searchable pdf with Acrobat, but I don't know how to reach with KM the menus in the palette on the right of the Acrobat window, in my case the command to activate is "Scan & OCR" which activates a bar above the document with the "Recognize Text" by clicking which reveal the command "In This File".

I imagine that there are alternative ways to make a pdf searchable, but I thought I would use this one from Acrobat because the option also automatically straightens the pages.

Thanks for any help.

  • Marco.

Yes accessing those side commands seems tricky indeed. I did not find any shortcut to set the focus on this, anyhow the dirty approach would be to do it with Keyboard Maestro's image recognition. (Example does not work with both toggle states of the menu)

Acrobat Seach Measure.kmmacros (32.5 KB)

Thanks Julian, I’ll take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Marco.

AFAIK The basic free Adobe Acrobat does not come with the option
to convert an image or another pdf into a searchable PDF.

Both ABBYY and Foxit have programs that will do this but they are quite expensive.

The free Foxit pdf reader is a good alternative to Acrobat.