Accessibility: VoiceOver Can't Tell If a Checkbox is Checked in Gear Menu in Execute Javascript for Automation

There are many things you can check and uncheck in gear menu in Execute JavaScript for Automation action.
However, VoiceOver just says "Space" regardless.
If you open TextEdit app and go to menu bar > format menu > Text sub menu VoiceOver correctly reads those check marks next to menu items.
@peternlewis could you use something like that?
It is extremely difficult to work with the gear menu if you don't know which ones are checked or not.
Thanks so much!

Oo, yeah, this sucks… Is there any way this can be fixed, Peter?

I've also noticed this when creating macros, and it would be great if there was a fix for this. Becomes very cumbersome to figure out what is checked or not when voiceover doesn't report it

I looked in to this, but the system does not seem to honour the image accessibility description or name, so I don't know how I can fix it.

I'll look further, but initial investigation is not promising.

Perhaps you could try Apple Accessibility-dev mailing list...
Apple a11y engineers are lurking around there.

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