Accessing a Sub-Menu in Logic Pro


I have figured out how to get KM to click on a sub menu in Logic and select the next item either down or up, depending on the F-Key I hit. This is pretty cool as it saves me from moving my mouse over and selecting the menu... Here is it working on my system

Selecting Articulations via KM

I wonder if there is a better way to do this? It would be nice to have direct access to the menu items, rather than having to click multiple times to get to the bottom. The articulations in the menu will change and not always be the same words, so using an Image doesn't really work.

I read through the thread with the WiFi menu, and I looked into AppleScript (I know nearly nothing about AppleScript). Am I correct that opening up the Dictionary in ScriptEditor for Logic Pro will show you all the commands available? When I do this, I only see "Application responds to renderPeview" as the only command. So I am guessing Logic is not accessible to AppleScript?

Hello @Kayle, I am also no nerd in Applescript :wink: I would solve this for me with a KM macro like this:

Articulation change.kmmacros (67,4 KB)


At the "Prompt for User..." (orange) you can determine the order of the actions individually.

Please change the correct cursor position for the click at each action via "get" (red). After clicking, the cursor returns to its original position.
Now you can control everything on the keyboard with my KM Macro.
Since I don't have Logic Pro, I could only test it in GarageBand. Let me know if they agree and it works. If necessary you have to vary the pauses a little.

Thanks - sorry to let this reply go so long. I will check this out. I am not certain this is any easier for me than what ai did, but I sure do appreciate you putting it together and I will study how you got it to work.


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I'm glad I could help you @Kayle. Let me know how it works for you.

Here is my solution to switching articulations in LPX. You can access the same articulation menu by right clicking in the piano roll and scrolling to the articulation option in the contextual menu. Once the menu is open, you can type articulation, right arrow, then select from there. Then you can type the first few letters of the articulation and press enter.

I use the right click as another tool, so this would be a ctrl-click for me. However, simulating a click with the ctrl modifier in KM doesn't work for some reason, and simply clicks the note, making it sound. I wonder why...

Hey Neil,

Have you tested to see if Keyboard Maestro's right-click does the same thing?


Hi Chris,

Yes, I did and yes it does.

I ended up just setting it up to click the articulation menu button in the side column, although this isn't always visible, depending on the size of your piano roll. Hey ho... :slight_smile:

Good man!

Just making sure...  :sunglasses:

Logic has been doing the same thing for me actually. Even when I switch right click to ctrl click. I think it might have to do with which window is focused, or which editor is focused.