Accessing KM dialog boxes with the keyboard

For some of my macros I use the Prompt for User Input action and pre-populate the default with a drop down menu of choices; e.g


When the macros is run, Yes shows as the default value in the dialog box and OK is the highlighted button (Cancel being the other, of course).

My instinct is to stretch for the Tab key to try and highlight the drop down values when I want to change them to something else—and it has no effect.

Is there a way to change this? For example, if it were a regular OSX dialog box I would expect to key the following to get Maybe:

Down Arrow
Down Arrow

Assuming you have Full Keyboard Access, you would expect Tab to tab to the menu.

Unfortunately, for some reason, probably related to Keyboard Maestro Engine being a background only app, it does not work in the Prompt For User Input window.

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I just ran into this. Is it still the same situation? My menu is the first control - and I can't tab to it. Also, first character navigation doesn't seem to work in the menu itself.

I'm running 11.0.2 on Sonoma 14.2.1 on a M1 MacBook Pro.

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