Accessing TAGGED Sets (i.e. from Sidebar)?

I am just starting with KM after hearing great recommendations. I can see already where it will streamline my processing.

I would like to be able to access files and folders that are found by the Smart Search feature from the Finder. Specifically, I have a Smart Search folder called "teach" that I use on a Finder side bar. It is a (blue dotted) smart search containing a specific selection of folders for my courses. I would like to create a KM macro that will:

  • open the teach smart group folder on the desktop
  • move and resize the folder to a lower right corner position of my desktop

I have the second step working. I cannot figure out how to set up the first step. I tried the folder selection options to no avail.

How am I able to access the information that is stored on the sidebar as a smart search?


Regardless of having a Smart Folder accessible from the Sidebar of a Finder window, the actual Smart Folder exists somewhere. The user is allowed to select the location when creating the Smart Folder, like when saving any new file. Keyboard Maestro can open the Smart Folder by using the Open A File, Folder Or Application action and pointing that action to the location of the Smart Folder.

If the location of the desired Smart Folder is unknown, it can be located by

  1. activating Spotlight;
  2. typing savedsearch to search for Smart Folders;
  3. pressing the Command key then double clicking on the desired Smart Folder.

This reveals the Smart Folder in the Finder and from there it can easily be utilized in the Keyboard Maestro action described above.

OK. Pardon me. It is NOT a Smart Search. It is a TAGGED set.

CleanShot 2020-09-27 at 07.41.48@2x


I have a solution. I have created a Smart Search to find the tag. Then, I just open the Smart Search folder.

I would still like to know whether / how I can open a TAGGED set of folders and files directly without have to create a smart search first.