Accuracy window move and resize

Background situation:

  1. I use two display screens
  2. There is a Chrome window respectively in each screen.
  3. By some reason every time when I wake up my Mac.One window in second screen always moved automately.
  4. I use KM to move and resize the "moved" one to its correct location.
  5. Problem is after my Macros excuted automatically when Mac awake,Window A always in Window B's position,and Window B in Window A's positon.Every time when I wake up Mac.They exchange one time.

I want to know if there is some way to let KM know which window is under controlling.I want to move the specific window to correct position.Now I use "the window with window index" to distinguish them with "1" and "2"(or -1 and 1).After set when I run it,correct.But when Mac next time awake,the window index seems exchanged,because position exchanged.(I never close these two windows)

Thanks so much for help!


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You're operating on the windows by numerical index 1 and -1, and those are respectively the frontmost and rearmost windows.

So all you have to do to cause them to flip to click on the rearmost window and make it frontmost.

Personally I never do this sort of thing automatically – I use a manual hotkey trigger to move windows on demand.

I find that automagic macros too often do something unexpected at just the wrong time, but of course YMMV.

Not that I never set up automatic processes, but I'm very selective about them and am very careful to make them as bulletproof as possible.

Are these windows always open at the same pages? If so take a look at referring to them by title instead of by index. If not, what is there that can let you distinguish the two?

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Thanks for your idea.I solved it.

  1. Use "Move or Click Mouse" to choose windows 1, so it become "index 1" and the other is index 2.

  2. Use old way to move and resize it.

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