Acrobat 2015 Mac

I use Acrobat Pro 2015 for Mac. As far as I can tell, the interaction between that program and KM is absolutely awful. I have memory problems that cause Acrobat to regularly crash, and I need to run some rather complex macros I’ve set up. Is there anyone out there who knows how to make KM not use up so much memory? The only solution I’ve found is to run Memory Clean on “deep clean” after running the macros virtually each time. I might as well just not use KM, since the time saved is erased when I have to so frequently “clean” the memory.

Hi @ravettb,

If this only happens with Acrobat, it sounds like Acrobat is the problem?

Hey Stephen,

Keyboard Maestro doesn’t tend to use a lot of memory unless the user has made it so.

Currently the Keyboard Maestro engine is using 71.5 MB on my system, and that’s not a huge amount.

Your report leaves off specifics.

Without them we cannot help you.


I don’t run any km macros in AP mac, but I’ve found the latest couple of versions tend to crash a lot anyway. Love the new features, I’m sure they’ll work out the stability issues.