Acrobat Pro comments

I'm using Acrobat Pro on my Mac... and I'd like to clear the formatting from my comments. So, I highlight, e.g., a sentence, then click on the little pencil icon, which colors my comment (yellow). I then click in the yellow highlighted area, and the comment box opens. I have set this box to contain a copy of the text I highlighted. I then hit cmd-A, to select, then I have a small macro to remove line endings. At this point I have a nice little comment box with text that will automatically wrap if I change the box size, etc. I can type comments under that copied text if I want to. The problem is that I want to go into the comment box, right click, and use the internal menu of the comment box: Text Style, to "Clear Formatting". I cannot see a way to make this happen via KM. Does anyone know how to get KM to see the comment menu that only appears when you right click in the comment box, to do that?

Contextual menus on MacOS can usually be controlled simply by typing the menu option using the keyboard. So if there's an option called "Save" you could just type that word followed by the enter key in order to perform that action.

To save time, here's an example:

Thanks, I think that helps... it seems to do what I want, but I'm not sure why. I tried the right-click, but didn't add the pause, and I think that was part of the problem. But I don't know what the "copy" and "return" actions are (I assume "copy" is just the normal copy command) and where to find them, but I'll take a look. I'm looking for an action like "remove formatting" instead, I think, of "copy"... but I'm not sure.

You need to use the command that you wan=nt to perform: just replace the characters in "copy" with the command from the menu that you want to perform. If that's "Remove formatting" then use that instead of "copy". (Actually, just "Remove" would do.")

The "return" bit just tells KM to type a carriage return character.

All of this is just replicating what you would do manually using the keyboard and mouse. Try it: after doing the right click wait for the contextual menu to appear and then type "remove" using your keyboard. That should result in the corresponding menu item starting with "remove" being selected. You can then press the return key on your keyboard in order to perform that menu action.