Action after KM Notification

KM has a Notification action. Is there a way to trigger some continuation/post-action if the notification is clicked?

(In case the above is not possible, what I’m looking for is a solution for the following: I want a timely reminder to record some information. This reminder should not steal the focus of what I’m currently doing (that would be distracting). This reminder should give me the option to quickly log the required info.

I’ve tried using a timed event with a dialog and that works well for the last part, but unfortunately it popup up in the middle of the screen and steals the focus making it quite annoying.

Any ideas, thoughts, solutions?)

AFAIK, there is no way for a KM Notification to provide a further action.

Here's one thought:
After the Notification, add a Pause Until action (KM Wiki) with whatever timeout you like (10 sec?) that is waiting for a specific keystroke.
I have used ⌥↩ for this approach with much success.

If the timeout occurs, then the macro aborts.

Unfortunately Apple’s Notification system does not allow for different styles of notifications for different notifications, all the notifications within an app have to be the same style. So that limits what I can do. I may try to look at this again, but currently I haven’t found a good solution.