Action for dropdown submenu

Just started using KM with "Finale" music notation. Can't seem to find a preset action to activate a dropdown window within a submenu to select an option therein, e.g. contents of layer 1 to layer 4 or similar. Probably missing something..?

Screen Shot 2023-07-30 at 10.52.39
Screen Shot 2023-07-30 at 11.03.51

You're might want to investigate AppleScript for UI interaction.

I use UI Browser, which makes this kind of thing much easier.

That said, you may also be able to automate a series of simulated keypresses to interact with the various buttons and dropdowns:

Tab to iterate focus through each element, Space to click it, simulated typing or up/down arrows to select items in the dropdowns, Enter to confirm selection thereof, etc.

Hi @noisneil,

an off-topic question:

Is there any manual available for this tool?


The app features a handy Quick Start guide under the Help menu.

thanks, I'll try this

Neil, thanks for the intel.. I used the "simulate keystroke" action with the dropdown modifier list, and works fine. Game changer

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Thanks Neil, unfortunately this is all greyed out in my version and even under the "regular" help I get the message…

"Help isn’t available for UI Browser."

I haven't actually tried the unfinished open source version; perhaps they never got around to a manual...?

FYI: UI Browser Version 3.0.2 is downloadable and without a paid license runs for a 30-day trial period which I assume offers the full functionality for that time.


Thanks so much @tiffle for this hint.

I gave it a try and downloaded this version. The first result is that I don't have a clue what sense the Open Source version I downloaded first makes at all. From my experience it does nothing, compared to the latest official version.

So sad that it is discontinued because after just reading the Quick Help document briefly it helped me that much today solving two obviously similar issues where a "normal" click triggered from KM didn't work reliably. But the issue is not related to KM but Mac OS as far as I figured out.

With the help of UI Browser and some additional forum search I was able to write my very first Apple Script which provided a "bomb safe" click. :flushed:

Just don't know how to continue when the trial phase has ended… :thinking:

Thanks again everybody.