Action pasting twice during macro

I'm using the following macro to automate the uploading of 22 or so zip files to a website and process them. It's working fairly well. Sometimes though, usually after a stop and restart that it server-side related issue and nothing to do with the macro, it pastes the filename (or variable taken from an FOR EACH ITEM action) twice. If that happens the macro fails and I start again.

I've done the usual thing of adding pauses. From reading other posts, perhaps the action is being triggered twice in succession and a Semaphore Lock action will fix the issue, but I don't understand what semaphore name I should use (does it matter?)

Can I just add this to the beginning of the macro?

This is the macro:

My first thought is that it would be best if you can detect in the Macro when there is a server-side issue, and deal with it appropriately. If you can describe in detail exactly what happens when there is a server-side issue, perhaps we can offer some suggestions.

Please read this KM wiki article: Semaphore Lock action.
Generally, you want to use a name that is unique to the Macro where the Lock is issued, maybe something like "Upload Zip Files".
It doesn't really matter as long as it is unique, and you are not trying to use the same Semaphore in another Macro.

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Thanks @JMichaelTX. At first I misunderstood what you were asking, but yes, if the macro can detect when the issue happens, it's possible to deal with it within the macro. I think however, this time, I'm going to deal with the issue at the source, by not making the files too large or the zip files too large. I've reduced a very difficult process that took hours into a fairly automated process, and now that the server-side issue doesn't occur, nor does the other issue. I've invested enough time in this particular process and learnt a lot in the process.

Also, I think the Semaphore lock however did the trick, it basically stops the macro running twice at the same time as I understand it, which was most probably the cause of the double paste. I had read the article, but was still a little confused, but it became clearer.

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